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Dr. Andrew Wellman is a well-respected Orthopaedic Surgeon who has lived and worked in the Southeast Valley of Phoenix for the last 34 years.  After spending the first 28 years in private practice with a group of fellow military trained Orthopaedic Surgeons in the East Valley, he spent the last six years as an employed physician at Mountain Vista Medical Center as part of the Hedley Orthopaedic Institute.  He has now returned to the Chandler area in private practice with three other Orthopaedic Surgeons as part of the Arizona Surgical Specialists located at the Arizona Specialty Hospital on Warner Road and the 101 in Chandler.  He has in a sense “returned home” for the final phase of his career.  He brings with him an extensive work and life experience which is both complex and perhaps a bit unconventional.  His story is like many of us, taking different paths at times to arrive at who we are today.


He and his family immigrated from his family birthplace in London, England to New York City where he grew up attending the New York public school system, the Bronx High School of Science and subsequently the city university system attaining a pre-medical degree.  It was during sixth grade that he attained his U.S. citizenship and also the love of playing guitar and singing, which remains to this day.

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He attended medical school at the Autonomous University Guadalajara in Mexico where in addition to obtaining his medical degree he became fluent in Spanish which he utilizes frequently in his practice today. While in medical school, he founded an informational newspaper with one of his co-students on behalf of the North American students enrolled at the University.  This publication, in a slightly altered form, remains today.  He also played a role in implementing the ‘Fifth Pathway’ Program to allow foreign trained American students re-entry back into the United States medical community on an equal standing with American graduates.

After graduating medical school, he initially planned to be a Cardiologist and attended a residency in Internal Medicine with expectations of doing so.  During his training, he became exposed to the emergency treatment of patients and specifically Orthopaedic Surgery for which he developed a keen interest.  This resulted in him changing his specialization after completing his Internal Medicine residency and he entered the United States Army Medical Corps for six years, achieving the rank of Major, to become an Orthopaedic Surgeon.  Upon completion of his Orthopaedic training, he joined his Army Chief of Orthopaedics in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona.

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In his own words, “I was trained in classical Orthopaedic Surgery by the United States Military and that is what I continue to practice, performing frequent hip and knee replacements, fracture treatment. occupational and sports injuries.   My patients and the variety of my practice are the most rewarding aspects of what I do.  Change should never be feared – it should be embraced.”


Outpatient evaluation and treatment are provided in Dr. Wellman's office in Chandler,AZ as indicated below. The full spectrum of musculo-skeletal treatments are offered from non-surgurgical to operative treatment as deemed appropriate. When joint replacement is recommended, computer assisted navigation is often utilized.


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(Consulting with colleague)


(Demonstrating hip & knee implants)

Regenerative Treatments

Recent advances in biologic treatments have increased options for treatment of numerous joint disorders including arthritis, joint and soft tissue injuries. These regenerative substances commonly called stem cells are now part of the treatment options in our office. The indications for and use of these methods are discussed at length with our patients to determine whether they may be indicated. All these discussions and the actual treatments are performed by Dr. Wellman and his fellow physicians.

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During his early years of practice, he rekindled his love of martial arts passing it on to his sons, as well as photography and scuba diving and has combined them, to create to date, three underwater videos of his worldwide diving experiences.  He has operated upon and treated patients in diverse locations including Monterey, Mexico and during a cultural exchange to Mumbai, India, and surrounding cities, with numerous Orthopaedic Surgeons.  His main focus, however, other than his family, has been to consistently provide the highest quality Orthopaedic care to the residents of the Southeast Valley.

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